Internet Menu: Historical Ice Cream, Etc.


Happy Thursday, blog friends! If you missed the lemon cake recipe from Tuesday, I suggest you look again because that ish is to die for. (Or, rather, to pack a slice in your bag and eat between classes on a sunshiney bench.)


Let’s sing it out with some links.

Fancy, historical ice cream? Sign me up.

This backpack lets you rappel down the side of a building. I’m not kidding.

Have I mentioned I adore Miranda July? Here’s a short video of her talking about her studio, work, and general life.

I’ve found most random word generators to have WAY too many bells and whistles. This one has the exact right amount. Use for naming bands, websites, or the eerie one-eyed cat you inherited from your estranged aunt.

If you haven’t heard of OurGoods, it was founded by Jen Abrams and Caroline Woolard. Here’s their tagline:

We are a barter network for the creative community. Our members trade skills, spaces and objects to get their work done without money.

Even if you’re not a “creative” per se, poke around! Trade your cooking skills for a sunny Harlem apartment, or live on a sailboat for a few months.

If you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity, these Bikers Against Child Abuse become literal guardian angels for abused children–standing guard outside the child’s house, appearing with the child in court, and being someone the child can trust again.

Ever dreamed of living in a mall? Or just in a non-traditional apartment building? This old mall in Providence, RI now holds a bunch of super-awesome and surprisingly-affordable apartments.

Plus, some posts of mine you might have missed: vegan meringues and my first-ever meal plan confessional.

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