Internet Menu: Dabble, Hot Chocolate, Etc.


Happy Saturday, readers! This is new. Normally these menus pop up on Thursday. But this Thursday, Sarah Lohman of Four Pounds Flour dropped in for an interview and it. Was. Great.

Links below!

I spent a semester in Prague last spring, and now I’m forever haunted by the memory of their ridiculously amazing gourmet hot chocolate (that you can get anywhere, even at the tiniest cafe). Luckily, someone else feels the same way, and posted a recipe.

Also: a thoroughly entertaining history of hot chocolate, in which Sarah Lohman actually uses some old-timey chocolate-frothing techniques.

When you’re a young little nubbin’, about to run off into the world, it can be difficult to “get” why you should build up your savings account. This super-important article lends a chilling (and then empowering) perspective.

Huevos Rancheros in a skillet? Yes, please.

A fascinating article on why the rise of self-driving cars could mean *gasp* that we wouldn’t need parking lots anymore???

If you live in-or-near Brooklyn and you’re an adult who likes learning lots of things, you should check out the Brooklyn Brainery yesterday. (If you live anywhere else, check out Dabble.In–the digital newsletter version.)

A website that categorizes recipes based on mood!

For the last several weeks, I’ve been chattering to anyone who’ll listen about the inexplicable (but, apparently, explicable) popularity of Chinese food in the US. Did you know there are more Chinese restaurants in the US than there are fast food restaurants? Did you know chop suey was basically a sneaky trick played on the entire US population? Listen to “The United States of Chinese Food” here.

Plus, some of my posts you might have missed: How to make any sauce, ever, and how to make any casserole, ever.





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