Scratch That: Remove Eggshells With Water


Welcome to Scratch That! This is where I, a real, live 20-something with minimal cooking experience, test out “quick-and-easy” recipes, food-related lifehacks, and other outlandish culinary claims. This installment quickly explores the technique of removing eggshells from a bowl by wetting your fingers first.

Spoiler: It doesn’t work. I was hopeful. I thought it might.

“Even professionals tend to get egg shells in their recipes from time to time…If a shell cracks in though, wet your fingers before trying to get it out. It literally gravitates the shell to your fingers, so you can quickly remove all of the unpleasant crunch!” —Paleoholic

“You’re preparing a cake or getting ready to scramble some eggs and it happens: you spot a teeny, tiny piece of shell floating around in the eggs. Before you reach in and start picking at it, be sure to wet your fingers first…The piece will gravitate to your fingertips so you don’t have to go digging for very long.” —Lifehacker, corroborating Paleoholic’s article

“If there is a tiny piece of shell fallen into your bowl of egg yolk and egg white when breaking it, just wet your fingers and try picking it up!” —Secret Life Tips

The cold, hard truth:

Conclusion: FALSE CLAIM!

But hey, they can’t all be as ridiculously successful as the microwavable peanut-butter mug cake or the latte-style foam you can make in a jar.


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