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Hello, sweet readers! Is it just me, or has this week been…ridiculously long? But great things have happened. I baked an incredible lemon cake, I made my first-ever meal plan, and Someone Exciting is doing an interview for Dressler Makes Things! (This will all make its way to the blog in due time.)

For now, links!

When people talk about Bitcoin, are you all standing awkwardly to the side like what the eff is Bitcoin and how does it work? Here’s a helpful 5-minute explanatory video, for all of us to watch and go “Ohhhh! I get it now!”

Cecily Strong on her SNL success:

“I think women have always been funny. But when Tina Fey became head writer at Saturday Night Live, the culture shifted, and women gained a bigger voice in comedy. It’s not as if Hollywood producers are feminists. It’s more that Hollywood said, ‘Bridesmaids made us so much money, all we want now is funny women.’ ”

This Derek Walcott poem is called “Love After Love,” and it’s for anyone who has ever been vaguely heartbroken.

Why this industry professional (and so many industry professionals) will not read your effing script.

Ten things that would’ve been good to know at and after graduation.

A great piece on how to get and keep a mentor.

“Then the inevitable phrase, verbatim, “I would LOVE to pick your brain.” Picker, please! Unless you’re a zombie or a surgeon, this is an appeal you should never make. It holds nothing but the promise of extraction and exhaustion—organ donation—for the person on the receiving end…[I]f you’re going to email me or anyone else, in any industry, seeking advice, you have to understand there’s an artful way in.”

Neil Gaiman addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012, and weepy aspiring artists watching from the comfort of their bedrooms.

For everyone who’s sick of people insisting that because smartphones, humans no talky talky.

Stories are important. If you haven’t read A Softer World, they’re no longer producing new content, but you can flip through the funny/sad/dark/light mini-works whenever you want to feel like someone is gently wrapping you in a blanket and sitting beside you, watching a small campfire.

This is one of those pieces that caused me to whisper “YESSSS” to myself, while reading.

“It takes tremendous expertise in order to get out of the box. You have to have years thinking about the box, and watching people put things in, and then you have to have an idea that you recognize as fitting near the box but not in it.”

And here are a couple of my older posts you might not have seen: the quickest pear-and-blue-cheese salad ever and ridiculously fluffy golden pancakes.

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