Internet Menu: Jaywalking, Banjos, Yams


The 11th of February is upon us! Whether or not you care that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, links abound! Here’s what my brain has been happily munching on, all across the internet.

You guys, I’ve been so fascinated by the history of jaywalking lately. In the 1920s, roads were for everyone! People walked in the streets because it was safe there–and then the car companies ridiculed us out of the streets. And it worked! (Or something along those lines.) A very theatrical Adam Ruins Everything excerpt about how jaywalking became illegal, and an excellently produced 99 Percent Invisible episode explain it better.

That one acapella app is providing the internet with some gems–like this Bill Nye the Science Guy theme song, or the intro to Usher’s “Yeah.”

Live performance of “Carrie Brown” by Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band, a Steve-described “bad-toothed hillbilly murder ballad.”

Another fantastic Captain Awkward piece, because I’ve never seen a more empowering collection of gifs in one place.

Ooh–how to make homemade vanilla extract!

People are sending trees love letters, in a soul-calmingly sweet turn of events.

If you only ever watch one YouTube cooking video, watch this Brilliantly Ridiculous One.

Headline Shirts is one of those websites I’m forever telling other people about, because I own, like, four of their shirts. These shirts are compliment-magnets.

Also, if you don’t know about, it’s an online network where people give away things for free. No catch!


An interesting article from theĀ Independent, complete with 20 feel-good films.

“There has long been a tendency to sneer at feel-good films. Serious, self-conscious auteurs are often too busy trying to express their innermost feelings about art and politics to worry about keeping audiences happy…However, as film-makers from Preston Sturges to Danny Boyle have discovered, there is no reason that a feel-good movie needs to be dumb. You can touch on social deprivation and political injustice: the trick is to do so lithely and, if possible, with a little leavening humour.”

A live feed of kittens!

Need to give an impromptu speech or toast? This article breaks down an easy technique.

And if you missed ’em, my posts about how to make every single soup, and 16 ways to separate an egg.

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  1. Since I saw ‘yams’ in the headline – if you haven’t tried it before, try cutting yams/sweet potatoes in to thick rounds and grilling them. Think like a potato chip, but the size of a small hamburger patty.
    Rub them down with olive oil, salt, pepper, or other seasonings you like, then toss them on any type of grill (gas, charcoal, electric, whatever). Let them sit for a while on the grill without fiddling with them and they will get really nice char lines (do that on both sides) – looks nice and gives a little additional crunch/flavor. When you can easily poke a fork through them, they are done. It is a nice side dish, or if they are fat enough potatoes, you could probably substitute them as burgers in the same fashion as some might substitute in portobello mushrooms.

    1. What a remarkably helpful comment. Thank you, sweet angel of a Ben!

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