Just a quick thing.

The other day, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast, and had a really bizarre moment. I realized I hadn’t made pancakes in a while. I had forgotten my recipe. So I went to my OWN BLOG, and LOOKED UP my pancake recipe, and read my OWN PANCAKE DIRECTIONS. I’m sure this is some sort […]

Apparently Seasonal Pumpkin Pancakes

I’m labeling these Apparently Seasonal because a) We’re getting to the end of pumpkin season, and b) What IS pumpkin season? Why are pumpkins used to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving? Are they strictly a fall crop? (These are not exasperated “Nothing even matters! Nothing makes sense!” questions. This is literally “If you can point me […]

Deliciously Filling Mac N’ Cheese

Hello hello! So, let’s say you’re home, looking in the fridge, and you find yourself just…kind of…wanting…some comfort food. Something warm. A stomach-hug, if you will. A soul-blanket. Well, look no further! Mac n’ cheese is the original comfort food*. And if you’ve never had homemade mac n’ cheese, this is your chance to¬†1) learn […]