Apparently Seasonal Pumpkin Pancakes

I’m labeling these Apparently Seasonal because a) We’re getting to the end of pumpkin season, and b) What IS pumpkin season? Why are pumpkins used to celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving? Are they strictly a fall crop? (These are not exasperated “Nothing even matters! Nothing makes sense!” questions. This is literally “If you can point me […]

Ridiculously Fluffy Golden Pancakes

Hello to everyone! Happy October! Here in the desert, it’s starting to cool down a touch, which feels magical and strange. Like there’s some sort of witchery at play here. And, especially now that things are getting a little cooler, one tasty food item that makes every morning better (or afternoon…or evening) is what? Pancakes! Oh heavens. Pancakes. […]

Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

Quick clarification: I’m not a vegetarian. But I happen to live with vegetarians. So generally, there’s just really not a ton of meat in the house. (I think we still have some salami in the fridge? Salami lasts FOREVER. If there’s anything you take away from this post, please remember that salami lasts forever.) In any case. […]