I’m Back!

Hi everyone! It’s been a heck of a break. And even though everyone, everywhere–including me–will tell you that taking an 8-month break from your blog is an awful idea, I think it actually turned out pretty well. To recap, Dressler Makes Things became the topic of my honors thesis for Barrett, The Honors College at […]

An Actual Recipe: French Lemon Cake

Friends, readers, countrypeople…let’s step away, for just a hot second, from the long-ass “How To Cook Everything, Ever” posts. Are they useful? Hell yeah. Are they educational? Hell yeah! Are they, like, a little much? Oh, yeah. Yes. Instead, I have for you a simple tasty lemon cake.  Wait–why is it French? Because it’s basically […]

Scratch That: Remove Eggshells With Water

Welcome to Scratch That! This is where I, a real, live 20-something with minimal cooking experience, test out “quick-and-easy” recipes, food-related lifehacks, and other outlandish culinary claims. This installment quickly explores the technique of removing eggshells from a bowl by wetting your fingers first. Spoiler: It doesn’t work. I was hopeful. I thought it might. […]